What We Do!
We are more than just a car club.  We are a great place to buy, sell, trade, or repair your exotic car. 

We have 2 amazing auto shops in the Capital City of Baton Rouge. (THESE SHOPS ARE ONLY OPEN TO MEMBERS!)  In our shops we are more than capable to take on any challenge, any repairs, any paint, and any mechanical transformation that you are interested in.

In addition to our ability to help you with any repairs and upgrades, we are also able to sell your car for you when you're ready for something new.

We are currently working on a public classifieds section for our site.

Lamborghini Club of Louisiana is proud to provide our members with a network of fellow car enthusiasts.  Whether that be models, drivers, celebrities, mechanics, or just a guy off the street. 

Come enjoy the Car Shows and win some prizes!

Come on our private runs, where we set up a course ahead of time and have chase vehicles to help clear the road.

Enjoy the company and fellowship of others as well as the fringe benefits that no other organization can offer.